Monday, February 23, 2009

Am I Blessed To Have Saved My Job?

Honestly speaking, yes, I feel lucky to have saved my job despite seeing my peers being laid off. Results of current recession are well evident in surroundings; companies facing loss of wealth and employees facing loss of their livelihoods.

In my view, to a large extent it's the economic downturn that's driving people out of the employments. However, that's not all that accounts for these current layoffs. Being an Indian I.T. professional, I am witnessing few organizations still registering growth but these companies are deliberately cutting jobs and saving costs in the name of global recession. The recession has given them a tool to say, goodbye, to employees who the company wasn't able to get rid of, otherwise.

Another thing that I saw duing the I.T. boom in India was that the people were bagging handsome jobs just because of ample availability of I.T. jobs, thanks to globalization and outsourcing. Many of these jobs were being offered based more on employers' immediate needs and less on the competence of employees. Thousands of I.T. grads were getting good jobs although I doubt, all of them were actually as worthwhile as that.

Now that the companies are facing scarcity of wealth, people are learning that a big apartment, a nice car, and a handsome salary, required something more than their mere presence. A stroke of luck can be longer than typical duration of stroke but it can't be a lifetime, just in case you thought of salvation being an average performer. what say?

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