Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why I hate Orkut...

Why I hate Orkut...
...or any other social networking portal, such as Facebook, MySpace, hi5 etc. for that matter.

Yet another insignificant news that I am going to get rid of this means of flimsy connections, called Orkut. Like my usual self I am going to be verbose again stating the reasons for it. Firstly, why did I choose to join something like Okut? Of course, Orkut itself helps you with answers, and the options are, friendship, dating(men/women), business contacts..etc. To add to the list, keeping the connections alive, and few others were the another objectives.
Recently, I realized that I just no longer fancy any of these things for the following reasons:

I am not looking forward to continuing to see a herd of sometimes fake intellectuals, desperate Mirror-cracking looks-types ladies, guys-not-allowed-sorta-lesbians, those self-proclaimed geniuses who are geniuses getting laid with chatty little chicks. Trust me, I have seen jerks doing that..few of them might as well be in my own friends' list.

No I don't fancy dating anyone anymore, got in touch from something like Orkut. Possibly, because I have stopped projecting my fake self out in the space and do not look forward to having somebody trying to impress me with her pretentious charms (which actually are nasties and result of some desperation). Of course, chances are fairly minimal anyway that somebody would actually try to impress me.

Business Contacts:
Orkut simply sucks at it, people who are here for this, are simply habitual to mixing business with pleasure; Believe it or not!! Better choices than orkut are, ryze, linkedin, xing...and so on.

There are certain other aspects to it as well, such as keeping in touch with old pals and many others. To answer this, I find myself questioning myself and yourself... how many times have you actually cared about a missing old pal? My answer is not more than once-twice in the last year. And, even if I did, I never bothered writing him/her a scrap. If the pal was worth missing, I must be having his/her e-mail, which does the job for me.

I might like to showcase my photo album, or my writing skills, or something creative that I think, I am good at. However again, albums, why not picassa, flickr, ringo, or something like that? Who cares to look at what I shot and where I was shot so beautifully, is likely to view those albums there. Writing skills..No, the writers around here aren't doing anything great to the world..better if they start earning their bucks doing freelance work, and again, join some other business portal for that, orkut ain't a platform for showcasing, it's rather meant for bragging and faking, potentially.

The only people who it supposedly should benefit are, Internet marketers, spreading the word about their stuff out to masses. Sadly, as it's seen that Orkut pages don't rank on search results, leaving Internet marketers dealing with better shit than Orkut.

Oh, for a moment I was afraid, I would end up losing those many fans of mine! What the heck, I realized that the people in my fanlist are not my actual fans, most of them became my fans in anticipation of having me as their fan. The real fans of mine, as I reckon, talk to me..share an air of agreement, admiration, consolation, constructive arguments, but do not show it off to people. So..if you care to actually popularize me, get in touch, I'll give you the definitive ways to get off on the right foot.
P.S: Almost all the girls out in orkut, regardless of even no beauty, no intelligence, just because of fairness of their sex, apparently have more fans than their equally stupid male counterparts.

Testimonials: so, they are mostly copy-pasted, sometimes are just a collection of some ASCII characters forming some weirdass images, sometimes copyleft poems, sometimes are one of those shoot-at-sight WTF text pieces. In few cases, they are actually meant..but are written with a decoration that looks too pompous to be true. E.g. every girl in town is the sweetest friend to be had, ever..and so, is the another and another and another girl in his friends' list. I remember, so many guys writing the same sweet-flowery stuff to more than one girl in their list..yeah, a few could actually have one of those girls trading on their copy-pasting skills. And having written all that, I ask myself, what are they good for, anyway? They don't get you money, don't win real friends for you, and as for dating as an objective, not many ppl write how good kisser a person is, or how lovely that sexy piece of hourglass is, so, how does that impress people..yeah, one thing that surely does, that is, the number of testimonials..so, the bigger number of posts you make on new/active communities..you eventually start getting all that..of course, your networking capabilities do that...and these new people writing all that, seldom mean their testimonials for you.

Technically, Orkut is a brilliant software product (now) by Google, But hey, so is Picasa, Google Docs, Calendar, Groups, and many more, which are actually serious in nature. They are serious because serious people drive them, unlike many in Orkut. Now the question is, how come this sudden realization? Wasn't I yet another member of it so far? My answer is, Yes, I have been one and even at the point of writing this, I am still one. Do you think the opinions and observations above are formed in just a day or two? No, they took me a while before I could realize all the stuff written above...and here I am!


Blogger rp said...

This techie "Freaky" as said has actually done "SWOT" of orkut...

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Blogger jayanthi said...

i have a strong resonance with ur opinion .i call these "scraps" as utter crap .nothing can substitute good'ol days of writing letters which were far more personal and conveyed true feelings.

8:35 AM  
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