Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sania Mirza, the Youth Sensation Comments...

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Yes, Sania Mirza is one of the few Indians who are made to make us feel proud of being Indians. The way Sania snatches victory from the opponents, regardless of their rankings, is simply astonishing. She represents population-wise the second largest country, and she keeps herself in the very mode of triumph. Her exultant smiles let us relive the good old days of great Indian status in Hockey.

This time again, Sania Mirza is in limelights, but not because she plays like the Tennis Goddess and keeps the smiles away from opponents' faces. It is due to her comments, on Pre-marital Sex and media is reaching at the brink in publicizing this to any extent possible. Hindu as well as Islamic clerics, both are paying her undeservered ire and just trying to evoke similar feelings in the hearts of common public, the blind followers of clerics.

arising out of all this are:

Why does comments of Sania Mirza, on such a sensitive topic be so important?

Why is whatever the celebrities say become highlights and granted importance, regardless of their very rudimentary knowledge and, next to zero, expertise in that particular field?

Why aren't they given rights to live their life independently and without dissipating its effect (for which, media is more responsible, not the celebrities themselves) on the mob?

This seems completely preposterous to expect a 19-years old youngster like Sania to comment on such thought-provoking topics like, Safe Sex, Pre-marital Sex, and Post-marital sex. Such kind of nuisance definitely end up supplying scoops to newspaper, and publicity to every Mohalla-level political and so-called social service organization, but just wonder its impacts on the player herself, and on her followers.

This kind of pointblank thoughts occur only to earn fortunes by few individuals but those few individuals don't think before highlighting these issues that,
Topics like Sex deserve never ending debates even among the groups of adept human-behaviour analysts, phylosophers, and thinkers. How can one expect a 19-year old girl to make comments on such topics with authority?


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