Sunday, November 13, 2005

Your Role in Fighting Terrorism...

Year 2005, a year of calamities, casualties, accidents, and loss of lives, is yet to be over in a while. No one knows how many more such disasters it has in store for us and for the world, the lovely world, the only place in the universe where life exists.
Many of these accidents were inevitable and were parts of fate or were the consequences of the slyness of satan trading on the temporary laziness of god. The remaininig ones are not because of anything related to god, are just the results of what we don't do, i.e., thinking of ways to defy and defeat Terrorism.

We hear of these terrorists attacks on the daily basis from various forms of media and have an endless lists of these instances. Delhi, the capital of India witnessed loss of hundreds of lives due to bomb attacks that too when all the markets were fully congested with the crowd having the glee and excitement of celebration of festivals like Deepawali and Eid.

To follow the trail of mishappenings, London Bombing, Madrid Train Bombing, attempts of Al-Quaida for abolishing peace, Countering attempts of US resulting into further terrorism, US 9/11 attacks, Underworld's effect in Bollywood , Prevalence of Dawood, Veerappan, Abu Salem, Saddam Hussain, and no one knows how many else such instances are floating in air making it polluted and forcing the social values to succumb to death. To my point, let us think how do we exactly react while hearing of or being victim of any such tragic event in our ambience!

# The immediate feelings, which strike our minds are:

A sad feeling about the fate of the victims, about the future and support of victim families.

A fear with a thanks to GOD feeling realizing that this didn't happen to us, but what if it could have been?

Government should be attentive and alert enough to not let this happen anymore, An angry feeling.

Ultimately, every such feeling evokes a temporary but still existing urge within us to eradicate Terrorism at large. The intensive degree of this very feeling may give rise to a working solution to the majormost problem in this world, Terrorism.

Looking into the core, we find terrorism as a result of anti-social attempts of small sets of extremists (typically, relegional fundamentalists) to outrage the peace by means of violence. The objectives of Terrorism are usually not concievable by the rest of society. This may be justified in the words ranging from War for Rights, Protection of Relegion, Freedom-fight, Retaining of royal estates, and many such futile nouns. Terrorism is result of frustration of certain whistle-blowers who work for their own identity and make weapons the youth power by enticing in various material ways to destroy the mob and invade harmony of the world. The leaders are smart personalities who have potential to earn faith of public by invoking the emotions to an extent capable of making masses the blind-believer of those leaders.

Thus, the mob, the mass, the public, and ultimately, We, who are building a framework for terrorists to succeed, just for the sake of small personal benefits at cost of several lives. The deal is in thinking if we are somehow responsible, how can we find ways to defy and defeat Terrorism.


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