Friday, November 11, 2005

Jinesh Mehta : the Man in Real Question!

Finally this time, I started thinking of this guy called Jinesh Mehta , who is practically a kind of person who remains inquisitive about everything except that is relevant to his work.

With a variable tempo and frequency modulation in his voice, he possesses the ability to weave every quality of his pals in well-articulated sentences. Rather I should say Jinesh Mehta is a technical poet with the power of Internet under his belt and the eyes tickling vividly with always newly-discovered theories of how he can make comments on pals like Sandeep Shetty.

Jinesh calls him a moonlighting writer who always lots of crap and remains involved in Web Designing and Stuff related to that.

A few days back, he wrote an interesting set of comments on Sandeep Shetty on his Web site and performed an effective SEO on it. He keeps his pals tantalized by his SEO skills...
What more to say...??

Just Jinesh

Gujju Power"


Anonymous kunal shah said...

HI Vikas

I just happened to reach here from Ryze.

But I am surprised to read who is this Jinesh mehta. You have written in such a manner that everyone knows him like SRK :)

Good to be a gujju but be clear..

Kunal Shah

Gujju Rocks..

5:46 AM  

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