Monday, November 14, 2005

Your Role in Fighting Terrorism (...Continued)!

Even if we consider ourselves guilty for something going wrong because of our negligence, unawareness, or innocence, we cannot abolish the problem without planning out the solution to it. As for burning issue of fighting terrorism at an individual's level, we require to look where exactly the roots of problems lie, and how an individual begets problems and not to solutions. We need to scratch our minds and find the lines seperating and joining,our practices, our rights, and our duties. We have to figure out what exactly strengthens these avengful people, what act(s) of us drives and encourage them further, what's the ROLE OF US in all this mess!

Here is a discussion of how directly or indirectly we set us away from protection and peace. The ways the human goblins, militants employ are:

Building Local Trust

Style opted by Veerappan, Saddam, and most of others to win faith of local public. In return these militants offer security, stability of rule, and consolation for well-being imposing certain supposedly permissible restrictions on some or all sections of that local society. Their tool in developing that incremental faith is shortcomings of the existing government rule, which is get defeated locally due to real or fake negative hype. As a solution, we must develop ourselves mentally to understand the motto of locally evolving leaders.

Trading on the deprivedness of local security forces

Notice that the militants have the best dwellings at the places where the natural conditions prevail over lives. The members of security forces usually are not capable of coping up with those odd living conditions, because the most of them are from remote places. In addition, they don't have enough means to protect themselves from natural conditions lacking in food, means of living, and even, lack of government supplied training and weapons. They usually are not motivated to build harmonious relations with the local residents, staying away from their families and having entirely different cultural backgrounds from local ethnicities.


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