Friday, December 23, 2005

Rowling's "Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire"- A Great Piece of Art

Once again Harry potter is making people thrilled. The "Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire" is hitting the business and making all sorts of records in theaters. The sales of these books have already made a record. Take a breath; steal a minute to just account the facts which make "J. K. Rowling" one of the most successful and the richest author of the occident.

If I ask Harry fans than unanimously I get the answer that she has written it in such a way that every thing can be visualized. "It appears like every thing is happening in front of your eyes" says a great Harry Potter fan. If we go for any good literature than character sketch has always been the biggest point of concern but this time it is not only about the characters only. It is scene also, sketch of which has got the utmost important; and it is evident that this thing has left a great impression on the book. Whether it is “the moving photograph” or the “description of the feast hall” or the “professor Dumbledore’s office”, the scene description has got a very serious treatment from the great author. I must say she had a lot of scope to do so. After all, the entire magic world is always going to be different and full of eye astonishing scenes. She can put all she can imagine because anything is possible in the world of non-muggles (non-muggles: a proprietory term used for the people not from Magic world.)

Technically speaking, J.K.Rowling has written the book in a fairly different way. The novelty possessed by Harry Potter series is in its style of presenting the story. In most of the literature authors create a situation in which the hero of story has to achieve some aim and that creates the curiosity in the reader of knowing "how". To get that answer he gets affection to the books series, but in this case the situation is not only of "how" it is "why" also. Reader wants to know "why Harry was able to survive from the curse from which nobody could survive?" "Why the Voldemort (oops!! Sorry Harry Potter fans. I should have called "one-who-must-not-be-named") got the state of next to death." and so on.
The coverts keep on getting revealed. The suspense and mystery continues from the volume to volume and that keeps the reader going. In short, instead of "what happens next" approach Rowling has gone for "why that happened.” I believe psychologically this approach has greater effect on reader as he know what happened and he want to know why instead of a quest for knowing what happens next which can be exciting or boring.

Secondly and most importantly the characters sketch of the "one-who-must-not-be-named" (Voldemort-the main villain). In every story there is a hero and he has to win over a villain which can be a person, or emotion, or a condition; and in the climax the hero win over that. Thus the powerful the villain, tougher the challenge is, and bigger the hero is. So if the villain of the story is being described as the powerful than it makes the charm of hero exalted a lot, and this is where J.K. Rowling has got 200 marks out of 100. She is able to create the terror of the Voldemort very successfully. The idea of showing the terror of Voldemort by showing that usual character are horrified to speak his name even is just prodigious. Every reader feels that the task ahead of Harry is very difficult and it seems no one can do it even Harry has to learn a lot to do so.

Did I write "learn"? Ohh, it is the other important factor. Harry has been described as the boy learning the magic. He is a person who is nowhere near as powerful as the One-who-must-not-be-named. But he can gain power of no limits as he is a learning student and the ocean of knowledge is like an abyss. This makes the reader curious again that how he is going to get those powers. Every body wants to be the part of his journey of the learning.

But what about “Quidditch”? I think this is the second most important factor. The things that differentiate a novel and a simple story are the other characters and the other deeds that come in the way of hero.
Quidditch in this case is the example. First the game is very thrilling as the author as tried to produce a medley of most entertaining sports. It contains thrill of motor sports (broomstick), rugby (seeker) and of course the king of sports soccer (with Bludger-Beaters and Quaffle-Chasers). When you have all these sports in just one sport obviously it is going to be exciting. Whenever a Quidditch match takes place, it is all about lifting the tempo high.

And in the last if we take into the account that the Harry potter series is all about the world of wizardry and witches, one thing comes in the mind of reader is that a hero is fighting to a force whose solution is next to impossible as it is magic behind it. This really keeps the reader going to know how Harry is going to tackle the problem ahead.

Critique says that one of the reasons of Harry Potter's great success is the movie. Okay, I admit that movie helped potter to get more readers then ever but the thing is any Hollywood movie maker is going to make movie on a topic of which he is assured of success. Further, the movie is being liked by people even who has read the books several times and that tells the charm of the book. One other fact is that even after watching the movie, people wants to read the book. This is something very different that had happened. It was never seen before be it with Devdas, Chokherbali, or any other novel-based drama.
Further those who has read the book were not satisfied with the portray of Voldemort (oops I made mistake again) done in the last movie "The Goblet of Fire". This tells that J.K. Rowling has written it that beautifully that even Audio-Video multimedia can’t withstand it!!!! Hats off to the Genius!!!!!


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