Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lahore to Amritsar, A New Hope

As a ray of respite to many migrated families, the first passenger bus is going to arrive Amritsar today, friday 20th jan 2006.

This bus (if continues, hopefully) is not just a means to visit cross-border, but means a lot more to numerous families in Pakistan and India, especially in Panjab. The grownups who have witnessed or suffered from the pain of partition must be reliving those days of being together at least at the thought level. Families departed during crisis due to partition may get opportunity to collect courage to meet their long forgotten relatives and wellwishers.

The new building of hopes is also going to facilitate Sikhs of both countries to visit their holy places. India-based Sikhs can now make possible their long craved visits to birthplace of Guru Nanak, the Nankana Sahib (Lahore, Pakistan). Their kins from other side of border can similarly visit Golden Temple (Amritsar, India) for pilgrimage.

A new bond of brotherhood and love is what is in eyes of planners. May god not let the sacred intentions of this shuttle get ruined falling prey to depravity of few unhumans.


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