Friday, December 30, 2005

GI Status helping small creators

The GI Status, Geographical Indication Status is again going to help protect the rights of the creators of products belonging to a group or individuals at a certain geographic region. The GI Status is a kind of patent, which is made available to the products specially annexed with certain location.

As for the current affairs related to it, let us take the case of an ancient Indian rural art of Madhubani painting, which was originated in Madhubani, Bihar. Madhubani carries a rich heritage of the Mithila culture(Mithila: the place where Hindu god Rama's wife Seeta was born) rendered in multiple artistic forms including this special kind of painting.
Marking GI of Madhubani painting is next step in series of protecting other location specific items such as Pochampalli designs,Chanderi fabric, scotch etc.
The GI status:

  1. Uplifts the reputation and evaluation levels of artists pertinent to the origin of that product.

  2. This avoids every opportunity for financially bigger producers of the similar goods, to get those items patented.

  3. It also results in benefiting the original artists in few other forms like rewarding them with royalties.

A real great initiative to keep the artistic spirits intact within the personals gifted as their birth rights. It can prove a boon to a country like India which encircles multiple colors of ancient arts in it, having ensured that the geographic boundaries should not become a source of hinderance in dissemination of culture.


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