Tuesday, August 16, 2005

KBC 2: Heap of Knowledge or something else...???

Now that we are all up with KBC 2 onscreen with a ostentatious personality of Mr. Amitabh, I again recall the previous and glorious spell of its onscreen presence. I witnessed people looking up Who's Who books, encyclopedias, and eventual increase in the sales of roadside bookstore owners.
Maybe, this time again, they are gonna do the same, pretty less expected albeit.
Indeed, the showstars are trading on the magical impact of Amitabh's personality, enormous amounts being discussed before audience, that too as price money.
As per my view, nothing on earth is nothing less than a resource, and every resource can be utilized to facilitate cash in. The secret is HOW..? yes, it's a real secret, the one who demystifies it can make fortunes.
The same is what all the big screen shows, like KBC2, K-series of Ekta Kapoor, and various others are enjoying to fullest. The underlying secret is:
Resource-> Human emotions for feeling onself big, watching breaking and rebuilding relations.
Medium-> Widest media i.e. television with all the frilles like music, and chunks of real entertainment.

You can even conceive that HR-management at large. Yes, every big shot is just managing others to get the things done, realizing the definition of Management.

Just that, I just envisage every new and growing business utilizing versatile resources, regardless of presence of life in resources, as in case of human being the resource.
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