Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Luck Octopus Paul : FIFA Finals

So, just a few minutes to go when the long awaited FIFA World Cup final arrives. A huge population of the world grabbing beer sitting in front of their TV sets, thousands of pubs trying to accommodate more and more people just to see how true Octopus Paul was! I might not be knowing enough about football as a game, but still I possess a fair degree of sanity to question people’s belief on Octopus Paul’s prediction.

Well, you might say that the psychic Octopus Paul has not gone wrong so far in the World Cup, but haven’t there been so many other miracles, which was merely a long drawn coincidence. Although, I fail to admit that this psychic octopus is making the teams win or lose, still I do believe that this World Cup final is going to make us witness a 1000 watt, electrifying, and super exciting football match between two teams that have beaten all the odds and have made their ways to play each other in finals. Good luck Psychic Octopus Paul.

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