Friday, September 29, 2006

Ego and Self-Respect Differentiated

Many times we try to prove ourselves right by naming our statements of ego as our claim of self-respect or self-esteem. While saying so, we really forget what differentiates ego from self-respect. Everyone will agree to the fact that people lacking self-respect are not respected outside and are vulnerable to the danger of their own guilt. Ego, on the other hand, leads us to the situation where we think that we are superior and that's where our value in others' views starts dwindling.

Therefore, I define ego as a result of our comparison with others, sometimes, on some false basis, or sometimes, due to some earned achievements. Sadly, the achievements do lose their worth if they account for your ego.

Your achievements or some extra-ordinary qualities should give rise to a respect in yourself that you've earned or possessed them. It must not be like, it was you who could achieve it, not the others. Never forget that you are not the only one gifted. It's just the good combination of need, time, and efforts, that made you feel so. A while invested in thinking deeply that you're very good at something but others are not bad at the same time, will make you more polite and respectable socially. This respect is completely different from your ego, since, in the latter case you don't judge others on the basis of something, which you have extra in you.